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Employee-facing products and services from SSi deliver best-in-breed solutions, module by module. Each component is designed to quickly and seamlessly plug into a well-engineered solution that delivers precisely the functionality you need.

EasyTrakSM delivers a broad range of functionality related to employee scheduling, time and activity capture, as well as project and task management.

EPM360SM provides a solid foundation for employee performance and training management, and helps to develop individual training and performance plans, and also helps to manage goals, job descriptions, and performance gap analysis for both individuals and teams.

Our users tell us we have the best pure-web based scheduling module. Fast, responsive, and in a familiar “spreadsheet” type format EasyTrak Scheduling automatically builds a schedule from your master rotation plus absences so you only need to edit for new exceptions.

EasyTrak Time delivers powerful post-processing for time and attendance, and flexibly implements your business rules, working side-by-side with EasyTrak Scheduling.

EasyTrak Accruals provides powerful and flexible rules-based tracking of hours and entitlements related to any code which is tracked in EasyTrak Time.

EPM360SM is a comprehensive training, performance management and individual goals tracking solution.

We have done extensive work over the years to refine a well-defined process to integrate your existing performance management and training / training needs analysis work into a full framework, where the full value of that existing investment can be realized.

Available modules include:

EPM360 Review Writer helps managers to quickly and accurately prepare effective reviews, tapping into a huge library of existing (and pre-approved) review content
EPM360 Training Delivery provides a complete training delivery and Learning Management System (LMS) platform
EPM360 Starpoint helps all employees to develop, track and report to their manager on goals related to the performance expectations within the organization

As a comprehensive solution, EPM360 includes several parts:

A structured work process where SSi consultants work with your management team to map Organizational Goals onto individual performance.

If you need to make your education, training materials and documentation easily available, you will appreciate the EPM360 Training Delivery platform, which makes it easy to deliver content to your employees when required by their training schedule, and in either mobile or desktop web browser format.

Almost any content can be imported for your staff to access, and self-administered testing and progress tracking can be included. Your staff can have quick and simple access to scheduled training modules from anywhere and via an e-mail link.

SSi Services Division is responsible for all deployment, training, development and customization. This critical work makes sure your solution is uniquely tailored to your exact requirements!

We identify three key areas of excellence:



Our developers start from the understanding that our clients know best what their requirements are, and while core EasyTrak and EPM360 modules provide a robust platform of core functionality, we are frequently engaged to extend this functionality to meet each client’s unique requirements. We know that this customization makes the difference between an outstanding solution, and a “just adequate” solution.