Over 10 years ago we were talking in detail to many hundreds of organizations, to find out whether our own experience in the reality of managing employees matched theirs. These organizations typically had from 10 to 1000 employees and often operated several different locations. The results confirmed and refined our own experience. We all faced the same challenges:

  • Accurately paying employees for the hours they work
  • Scheduling and tracking what employees do and tracking the associated job costs
  • Training and motivating employees to be passionate about their jobs and aspirations
  • Providing fair and fact-based feedback, while rewarding real performance
  • Ensuring regulatory and policy compliance while facilitating dispute resolution

workforceWe found that most of these organizations (sometimes called SMB’s or SME’s – see chart) have neither the spare resources nor the desire to deploy and then interface many separate point solutions to address each of these mission-critical needs.

But on the other hand we also found that many had already started on the path to automate some of these processes, because they recognized the value of automating to save time and improve productivity, while strategically getting better visibility on operations.

So it quickly became clear that there was a need for technically advanced, yet easy to use solutions which could dovetail in between existing initiatives and leverage that existing investment. This lead us to three core requirements for a true SMB Workforce Solution from day one:

  • Comprehensive footprint: components are available to support all employee-facing functions, but..
  • Modular approach: invest only in the components you need; extend the footprint as justified;
  • Integrate and forget interfacing: straighforward data import / export, so that our solution components ‘play nice’ with other pre-existing investment.

From these observations over 10 years ago, the the SSi Value Proposition was born, and has been continuously refined with our customers’ help ever since.

Oh, and by the way, yes we do use our own software services – especially EasyTrak DeskClient for project and job cost tracking, and EPM360 for talent management.

Dr. Christina Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

A brief history of SSi time

EPM360SM and EasyTrakSM carry a strong pedigree, and nearly 15 years continuous refinement! Here is a brief history:

  • 1996: First generation client-server technology released
  • 1998: Successful early trials of Internet-based service delivery
  • 2001: First generation standards-compliant web technology released
  • 2004: Comprehensive standards-compliant Workforce Management web service available
  • 2007: Generation 2 technology released
  • 2008: Generation 2M mobile time and attendance tracking technology released
  • 2009: Generation 3 technology (manilla) released
  • 2011: Generation 4 technology (oakwood) released
  • 2011: Generation 4M mobile technology released
  • 2013: EasyTrak Voice(sm) for dial-in access to EasyTrak