Compliance Reporting

Managing employee time requires that business rules and contracts must be applied accurately and consistently at each step, while meeting legal employment standards. The time management process covers all the steps from scheduling, to tracking actual attendance, to calculating hours actually worked and finally to assigning rates of pay to those hours worked.

At each step EasyTrak provides tools and reporting to ensure compliance, while optimizing effectiveness.


  • Ensure that formal break entitlements are built into the schedule
  • Develop a forward-looking planned schedule that can be easily reviewed for compliance with legal and contractual standards
  • Manage call-in procedures so that the employee contact sequence is based on either seniority alone, or on a combination of seniority and custom rules
  • Automatically log call-in offers and responses, and record actions taken
  • Apply ‘minimum hours between shifts’ rules when building the schedule

Tracking Time

  • Precise and permanent record of actual in / out times which never changes
  • Apply consistent fact-based rules for tracking and reporting attendance and triggering disciplinary action when needed
  • Know “who is in the building” at any time for safety and security
  • Track and report on breaks
  • Easily record notes for all changes and events for future reference, reporting and due diligence

Hours and Rates Calculations

  • Automatic audit trail for all changes to pay records
  • Pay record changes permitted only by authorized personnel, and signed with user ID
  • Calculation of hours and STAT entitlement in accordance with Employment Standards
  • Track hours worked per specified time and activity, example: truckers ‘rolling hours’ tracked for legal compliance – EasyTrak alerts when predefined thresholds approached
  • Secure transfer of calculated hours to payroll