Deployment and Customization Services

application_form_edit SSi Services Division is responsible for all deployment, training, development and customization. This critical work makes sure your solution is uniquely tailored to your exact requirements!

We identify three key areas of excellence:

  • Customization
  • Deployment
  • Training


Our developers start from the understanding that our clients know best what their requirements are, and while core EasyTrak and EPM360 modules provide a robust platform of core functionality, we are frequently engaged to extend this functionality to meet each client’s unique requirements. We know that this customization makes the difference between an outstanding solution, and a “just adequate” solution. It receives our full attention. We use prototypes and test extensively with your users to make sure we design and then build exactly what you need.

With a robust and well-defined Developer API, adding custom functionality is often straightforward, so you can be confident that an SSi solution will be truly tailored to your requirements, while also being economical of resources.


plugging-in-wires-iStock_000002931457XSmallIn the deployment phase we use data templates to quickly and efficiently gather the information needed to get your solution up and running in a matter of a few days. Of course we have done this many times before and can provide good, granular guidance to make this process as efficient as possible.

Our project professionals will then populate your solution. We have core expertise in importing almost any format of existing data (including printed tables!) efficiently and accurately to get you up and running in short order.


We see training as a critical success factor for each engagement. Training is available in French and English. High quality training content and delivery ensures all your staff achieve a high level of competence in using SSi solution components. We offer many methods of delivery including:

  • Our own EPM360 Training Delivery platform
  • On site training
  • Virtual Classroom training