EasyTrak DeskClient

status_awayIf you have Project Managers, Designers, Engineers or Support Staff who need to track their chargeable time, you probably know how hard it is to use spreadsheets to track and report by project. Every spreadsheet is slightly different, and compliance is often less than 100%.

Clock_angleEasyTrak DeskClient makes it quite painless to track and report time in near-real-time – whether your engineers are on the road or in the office. Results integrate seamlessly with EasyTrak Shop Time and your standard business rules can be applied. When you need to integrate design and engineering time with shop time EasyTrak DeskClient can be invaluable!

  • Tracks billable hours and runs local reports – both in the office and on the road
  • Seamlessly integrates with EasyTrak Shop Time for approval, reporting and analysis, for a total Project Cost view
  • Automatically transfers updates when a connection is available – no user action is required
  • Does not intrude in your minute-by-minute workflow – pops out of the System Tray only when you need it
  • Helps you to easily edit your time locally and then automatically submits edited version for approval and reporting – no paper or feats of memory required

Advanced features..

report_magnifyLocal off-line reporting means you can easily analyze your time allocation – anywhere, any time.

application_getUpdates are automatically deployed – no manual download/install cycle is required.