EasyTrak Voice

EasyTrak VoiceSM integrates with other EasyTrak modules such as Scheduling, Core Time, etc. to provide secure, interactive touch-tone phone access to existing functionality.

An employee dials in to EasyTrak Voice, and may be recognized based on the number they are calling from (caller ID). If recognized, an employee only has to enter a PIN on the phone keypad in order to proceed. If the employee is calling from an unrecognized phone, they will be required to enter both their employee number and PIN code. Once authorized that caller ID can be made the default for future calls.

The employee hears a personalized spoken menu, which describes the available options. Options are configurable and expandable, and may include information such as:

  • What is my next shift?
  • Call in absent for my next shift; and select a reason (absence code)
  • Request to trade my next shift
  • Update my future availability
  • Update my primary or alternate phone number in EasyTrak