EasyTrak Web Timesheet

status_awayIf you have Production or Support Staff who need to report their time and absences, EasyTrak Web Timesheet makes it quick and convenient for staff to enter records one or more days at a time. Web Timesheet is not designed for near-real-time tracking and reporting, but for outstanding convenience for office staff who need to report their time and submit absence requests to their manager on-line.

Results integrate seamlessly with data from other sources and your standard business rules can be applied. When you need to integrate professional and office staff attendance EasyTrak Web Timesheet can be an effective solution!
Web Timesheet

  • Tracks hours and attendance for payroll and accruals reporting
  • Seamlessly integrates with data from other EasyTrak modules for approval, reporting and analysis, for a total view
  • Helps you to easily edit and report your time – no paper or feats of memory required

Advanced features..

report_magnifyBuilt-in absence requests, with feedback on outcome

application_getView your accrued time by codes such as Vacation, Sick, Overtime.