Training Delivery and eLearning

training-room-1 by star-one

training-room-1 by star-one

If you need to make your education, training materials and documentation easily available, you will appreciate the EPM360 Training Delivery platform, which makes it easy to deliver content to your employees when required by their training schedule, and in either mobile or desktop web browser format.

Almost any content can be imported for your staff to access, and self-administered testing and progress tracking can be included. Your staff can have quick and simple access to scheduled training modules from anywhere and via an e-mail link. EPM360 Training Delivery will also provide an advanced collaborative environment for all staff to participate when the extra features are needed. Tests can be included, and a passing score may be required before an employee can progress to the next unit.

Each manager can manage course content, and rules and testing required to progress to the next unit. They can track their staff progress and test results and monitor and respond to feedback and evaluations. EPM360 Training Delivery will enable managers to recognize staff accomplishments, and provide custom course and lesson certificates once their staff have successfully completed the courses.

Your training administrator can manage training categories, courses and modules, and make courses available to individual managers when needed. They can group users and assign courses according to training requirement and schedule and mange due dates for courses and test completion. Your existing training materials and manuals can be easily and quickly imported.

Read all about EPM360 Training Delivery in this online brochure break-out.

Best of all, EPM360 Training Delivery integrates with other EPM360 and EasyTrak modules!