Employee Performance and Goals

The EPM360 Review Writer module makes it easy to write excellent performance reviews. It provides simple context-sensitive access to a large library of performance descriptors, and automatically suggests the few that are most relevant to a particular performance situation.

Information from other modules such as EasyTrak Time (late arrival, sick days) and EasyTrak Scheduling (shift changes) can be integrated into the performance review cycle to deliver a comprehensive all-round view of employee performance.

Most managers find that a few minutes work to polish and customize the default review suggested from the library is quite painless, and results in an excellent review document which not only reflects the organization’s specific review standards but is also customized to the performance situation unique to this employee.

EPM360 Starpoint Goals Management complements Review Writer and makes it easy to manage, update and report on goals for each employee. Each goal can be tied to specific EPM360 Performance metrics identified in the review cycle.

For new managers Review Writer provides a clear framework to guide them through the review process and also suggests improvement-focused and behaviour-based language to discuss the individual employee’s performance. Substantial time savings as well as noticeable quality improvements can be achieved compared to starting from a blank form.

Many off-the-shelf libraries are available, suitable for manufacturing and health-care organizations. Once the most appropriate stock library has been selected, the content can be tuned to your organization’s unique requirements. This is usually done in a workshop setting, working with the management team, and provides an outstanding system to organize and capture the performance related deliberations of the management team for easy future reference. In other words, the work to define performance within the organization, and to find appropriate words to describe it only has to be done once (but can be improved at any time) and is always available anywhere, anytime for future use.

Useful visualization tools such as a gap analysis chart can be automatically included in the review, and can help to facilitate the manager-employee discussion by naturally guiding focus to areas of noticeable strength or weakness.

For the senior manager, roll-up reporting makes it easy to see across departments or divisions and highlight areas of strengths or concern, and an intuitive hierarchical drill-down helps to focus on departments or individuals requiring more help.

Finished review documents can be opened and printed locally in word processor format, and stored back into the EPM360 document archive for secure, shared future reference.