Employee Reviews, Training and Goals

EPM360SM is a comprehensive training, performance management and individual goals tracking solution.

We have done extensive work over the years to refine a well-defined process to integrate your existing performance management and training / training needs analysis work into a full framework, where the full value of that existing investment can be realized.

Available modules include:

  • EPM360 Review Writer helps managers to quickly and accurately prepare effective reviews, tapping into a huge library of existing (and pre-approved) review content
  • EPM360 Training Delivery provides a complete training delivery and Learning Management System (LMS) platform
  • EPM360 Starpoint helps all employees to develop, track and report to their manager on goals related to the performance expectations within the organization

As a comprehensive solution, EPM360 includes several parts:

  • A structured work process where SSi consultants work with your management team to map Organizational Goals onto individual performance. Clients seem to really like this approach of building on what’s already been accomplished, and we have blogged extensively about the process.
  • Software to automate the administration, review and analysis of training, goals and performance information
  • A comprehensive Learning Management System for training delivery, scheduling, tracking and reporting

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