Employee Time and Schedule Management

Clock_angle EasyTrakSM is a comprehensive employee time and schedule management service that can include many different modules depending on your requirements. By selecting only those modules that you require and integrating them into a seamless management process, EasyTrak makes it easy to know minute by minute where your hourly employee time is going.

From simple on-off total hours tracking for electronic transfer to payroll, through attendance analysis (such as tracking by day of week, by position or by department), to schedule planning that incorporates pre-booked absences and call-ins, EasyTrak can be configured to solve your attendance and schedule needs.

Install WorksheetsOff-the-shelf deployment plans, proven in many previous deployments, make it quick and easy to get started, and include task checklists and worksheets which SSi technicians use to configure the EasyTrak service to your exact needs.

EasyTrak kiosks can be used where needed to provide quick, accurate and reliable tracking. Employees can use biometric or RFID access or interact directly on the touch screen for some kiosk models.

EasyTrak kiosks can be used to register new employees directly where needed. On the other hand, you may already have an existing HRIS or other system containing employee information, and in this case EasyTrak can automatically receive regular updates and make these available for employees at the kiosk.

The EasyTrak Service can also provide a highly effective point of contact with workers who are hard to reach, by using the messaging and interactive capabilities available on some kiosk models. Once authenticated, workers are able to receive broadcast, or personalized messages, and interact directly on the kiosk screen.

EasyTrak also provides a large library of off-the-shelf reports in on-screen, PDF, spreadsheet or exportable formats, making it easy to quickly gather useful analysis and to transfer data into the payroll system and spreadsheets, etc. with no re-keying. Custom reports are easy to design and integrate using the built-in reporting engine.

EasyTrak integrates with EPM360, the performance management system from SSi, to provide performance analysis alongside other employee tracking.