EPM360 Review Writer

report_user If you have more than one level of reporting relationship, EPM360 will play a powerful role in continuously aligning your people to corporate objectives, while saving your managers a great deal of time in preparing and maintaining performance reviews.

  • Guides new managers through a simple workflow to prepare effective performance reviews
  • Suggests appropriate words for every performance situation, from a massive searchable library of sector-specific content
  • Liked by front-line Managers for the time-savings and worry-free review generation
  • Appreciated by Employees for the un-biased and fact-based review process
  • Valued by Senior Managers for the Strategic Perfomance Management insight

Advanced Features..

chart_bar EPM360 also makes it easy to generate a team or individual gap analysis compared to performance plan, so you can see at a glance when corrective action is needed.

information If you’ve put a lot of work into your current performance review and like the way it works, import your existing content to capture the automation and strategic visibility benefits of EPM360 with a minimum of effort.