We believe you will find the experience of working with SSi time, scheduling, training and performance modules quick and accurate. Our engineers use years of real-world feedback to ensure that we “deliver the goods” while keeping the demands on your time to a minimum. Delivering tools that improve your effectiveness while building your capabilities is our mandate.

With EasyTrakSM we hope you’ll like leading edge features like the ability to hear your upcoming shift schedule over the phone, and to request absences online. You may sign in at a kiosk break-out to ensure quick, accurate and secure identification. We have done extensive research on privacy and security policies and have a library of recommended reading break-out if you have any concerns. You will likely get to appreciate the fair and accurate application of business rules, especially if they are laid out in one or more union agreements.

If you have the opportunity to work with EPM360SM modules you can be confident that your review cycle and performance processes such as personal goals development and tracking, salary review, and career development will benefit from the most powerful analytical and development tools available. You may also appreciate that the automated review cycle ensures that you will not go for extended periods without a proper review!

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The SkillSense team has been professional, creative and dependable, a pleasure to work with.
Long Term Care Administrator

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