Skilled Trades and Construction

cutting by pilnik1977

cutting by pilnik1977

If you work in a manufacturing or construction facility you may be required to “clock-in” and out for your shift. An EasyTrak Kiosk break-out system can help make this process quick and efficient, while making sure that “who’s in the plant now” information is available right away in case of safety / security incidents.

When your plant is involved in several jobs at the same time, shop floor data capture is available with some EasyTrak Kiosk models, and can make it easy to log in to each job as you move on to it. If you have to operate several machines at once (CNC machines for example) you can log in to more than one job at a time, and EasyTrakSM will automatically help you track which jobs are currently active from shift to shift, and help to select one to add or remove.

If you work from engineering drawings and notes, each new job that is added to EasyTrak can have those drawings and notes linked in automatically, so that when you pick up the next “job sheet” it will have all the details right to hand, including the EasyTrak job ID, which may be barcoded for quick and easy entry at the Kiosk.

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