Engineering and Consulting Professionals

You may have responsibility for several smaller projects, or several jobs within a larger project, often with tight deadlines. You may also be required to track your time accurately by job for project earned progress tracking, as well as possibly client billing.

If this describes the situation, EasyTrakSM may be able to help.

If most of your time is at your workstation (e.g. using CAD/CAM or other high-end systems) EasyTrak DeskClient may help. The DeskClient runs in the background with an icon in the system tray (Windows, Mac, Linux). A context click brings up the DeskClient menu, to quickly switch the current billable job, review your time for the day, week or month and make any adjustments. Billable hours are securely reported in to the EasyTrak system in the background.

Happy, smiling older architect looking outIf you are often out to client sites in the field, EasyTrak Mobile App may be helpful. Securely log time on site, and report changes in near-real-time. You will have detailed and exact records for later review with the client as required.

EasyTrak Web Timesheet can be helpful if you need to track vacation, daily hours and absences, but do not need the power of granular billable hours reporting. Log in to EasyTrak Web Timesheet securely from your favourite browser, log your time in familiar “weekly timesheet” format, request absences, and track your accrued vacation time.

If you have the opportunity to work with EPM360 Performance and Training Delivery modules from SSi you will get to appreciate the ability to manage your own goals in a secure web environment, organized according to the requirements of your current position, and even other positions related to future career plans and where appropriate share goals and progress with your supervisor.

EPM360 Performance automatically schedules reviews to ensure a timely and balanced performance review process, using performance metrics that may already be familiar to you.

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