Nursing and Support Staff

There will likely be many demands on your time, starting the minute you arrive at work, and you will not want to have to deal with systems that take up your time. We can certainly relate! All SSi modules are designed from the ground up to be easy and efficient to use, with the main goal of helping you get your job done.

iStock_000010828404XSmallWith EasyTrak Scheduling your schedule will be posted accurately and on-time, and may be colour-coded to help quickly find the information you need.

Signing in at an EasyTrak Kiosk break-out will save you time compared to sign-in sheets, and you can be confident that records are secure, accurate and always up to date. Depending on the type of kiosk you are able to access, you might also have access to these leading edge features:

  • Check your upcoming shifts
  • Check for training sessions and information
  • See who is scheduled alongside you
  • View latest facility news and information
  • Send and receive messages

By the way, we have done extensive research on privacy and security and have a library of recommended reading break-out if you have any concerns about using an EasyTrak Kiosk.

Depending on facility policies and procedures, you may be able to submit a vacation request securely over the phone, or in a web browser.

You may also get the chance to work with EPM360 Performance and EPM360 Training Delivery modules. As a mobile-friendly training and performance platform we hope you’ll like the ability to access training opportunities whenever you are ready!

These leading edge features can make your time at work more efficient, and… dare we say it… fun and interesting! To learn more please follow the ‘Related’ links at right.