As a senior manager you no doubt have many key objectives. These may include deliverables such as:

  • Economically enhance the quality of care for your clients by optimizing resource distribution
  • Ensure compliance with many regulatory and policy requirements which are often changing
  • Deliver timely and ongoing training and development for your staff
  • Maximize operational efficiency while meeting budget constraints

iStock_000022839976XSmallDepending on the tools you use today, EasyTrakSM can substantially reduce the amount of time taken to build schedules, manage call-ins and ensure shift coverage, while providing auditable records for dispute resolution and grievance management. “Out-of-the-box” reports support standard operational and government compliance reporting, and custom reports are available in many formats for further analysis and automated transfer to
other IT systems.

EasyTrak is a secure web service (Software-as-a-Service), which has been under continuous
improvement for more than ten years, working with many different facilities and
organizations. Any modern web browser (including some mobile browsers) can be used, and
no local software or browser plugins are needed. Leading edge features such as self-serve touch-tone phone access, and text messaging are integrated.

EPM360 Training Delivery provides a mobile-friendly framework to manage web-based training delivery, testing and progress tracking of all types, both related to required job training materials and employee skills development, while ensuring compliance with refresher intervals.

EPM360 Performance provides an exceptionally convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews, starting from a huge library of existing content rather than a blank review form!

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