Manufacturing Overview

SSi Integrated Modular Solutions offer a tight framework for scheduling, managing, costing and tracking employees and their jobs.

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Depending on the tools you use today, EasyTrakSM may be able to help, by making it easy to track and report time by job, by activity, by crew and by employee. This data can then be analyzed within EasyTrak or automatically transferred to external systems or spreadsheets for operational monitoring, project tracking and job progress reporting.

In this way, EasyTrak can be a powerful front end to your manufacturing system.

For shop floor employees many different EasyTrak Kiosk break-out models are available, depending on requirements to help with signing into one or more jobs, and tracking time and activities for cost analysis.

If you have engineers and designers, EasyTrak DeskClient may be able to help by making it easy for employees to indicate their current project hour by hour and minute by minute as necessary. If you have installers who are frequently out at client sites, EasyTrak Mobile App is often a good choice, and can be installed on a ruggedized platform to help field staff track and report their job and activity hours quickly and accurately.

EPM360SM delivers an integrated platform for managing employee training, performance, goals and career and succession planning.

EPM360 Training Delivery provides a framework to manage web-based training delivery and progress tracking.

  • Whether it is WHMIS training or forklift refresher certification, you can be confident that the training modules are available in mobile-friendly format for your employees to work through, and complete testing.
  • Built-in reports track who is due, and who has completed training, so you can be confident your Managers have the information available to maintain compliance.

EPM360 Performance makes it easy to analyze the gaps between “actual” and “expected” performance – both for individuals, for teams and for whole departments. The resulting analysis can then be used to fine-tune training, recruitment and development plans. By applying your existing performance expectations for each position, supplemented by the SSi performance reference library content, it is possible to build a full 360 picture of both performance expectations for each position, and results delivered by each employee assigned to that position.

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