Hospitality Head Office

People attending a CongressAs a senior management team you strive to achieve and enhance your competitive position in the hospitality industry. This implies making the best use of resources to minimize costs, while potentially expanding into new markets and containing costs, enhancing customer experience all the while! Depending on the employee-facing tools you use today, SSi Integrated Modular Solutions may be able to equip you with powerful tools that can help you achieve those goals.

EasyTrak Scheduling provides a web based platform for your managers to accurately plan and track their staff time and attendance in an automated and time efficient manner, while responding to seasonal and special occasion demand fluctuations. This will free up valuable resources that can be applied for client service delivery.

EPM360 Training Delivery provides a framework to manage web-based training and progress tracking for employees in different levels of the organizational hierarchy.

EPM360 Performance provides a convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews that will ultimately result in maximizing the potential of every employee.