As a Manager you have many responsibilities, which may include training and performance reviews for your team, as well as staff schedules, overseeing call-ins, and keeping track of employee attendance, while taking corrective action where necessary. Managing to budgets and tracking charge ins- and outs- with other departments may be important.

Depending on the tools you use today, the SSi family of Modular Integrated Solutions may be able to help. SSi Solutions help not only by automating these tasks to save you time getting things done, but also by providing a framework to enhance and streamline your work flow.

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The customer service and training has been outstanding, working with us in small groups and on an individual basis to ensure a high level of comfort and confidence with the software, particularly for those users less computer savvy. The SkillSense team has been professional, creative and dependable, a pleasure to work with.
Long Term Care Administrator
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