Department Manager in Healthcare

As a Manager in Healthcare you will often have two important but competing objectives:

  • Assuring Quality of Care for your clients
  • Managing within available budgets



Quality of Care will result from adequate staff coverage, while ensuring employees needs and availability are appropriately recognized, and staff are trained and fully qualified for their position.

Budget compliance requires accurate and timely MIS reporting to ensure you have the information available when you need it to make operational decisions about current and impending overtime and inter-department “loan” shifts.

If you use paper or spreadsheets or older software to build and manage schedules manually you know the chore it can be! Not only to build and plan staff schedules, but also to track the changes, shift trades and substitutions that inevitably occur and must be reconciled for payroll.

EasyTrak Staff Scheduling provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use pure web browser approach to managing your staff schedules. Here are one or two highlights:

  • Pure web browser: manage your schedules from anywhere you have access to the Internet and have permission to access EasyTrak – no driving in to the facility on a day off to deal with a call-in! No plug-ins to download and configure.
  • Build your master rotations or demand plan once, update as necessary, and let EasyTrak Staff Scheduling do the work to build your working schedule for the next period, taking account of scheduled absences, staff preferences and other constraints.
  • Receive and respond to event-driven alerts right in EasyTrak (or by email) when an employee calls in absent, when a shift is short or overtime is impending.
  • Print your staff schedules in an employee-friendly format to ensure compliance with posting rules.
  • Review and approve pay records and book-offs ready for payroll processing.

Training and orientation may also be high on your priorities, and EPM360 Training Delivery provides a framework to manage web-based training delivery, testing and progress tracking of all types, both related to employee performance reviews, and required job training, while ensuring compliance with refresher intervals.

Alongside EPM360 Training Delivery EPM360 Performance provides an exceptionally convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews, starting from a huge library of existing content rather than a blank review form!