Duty Manager

As Duty Manager you have a multitude of responsibilities, which likely include employee schedules, managing staffing levels according to seasonal demands, keeping track of employee attendance, and managing records for payroll.

Depending on the tools you have available today, EasyTrakSM may help to manage your staff in a well-organized and time-efficient manner. As a modern, secure, pure-web system that is accessible from any location, EasyTrak will free up valuable resources that can be used for operational activities and client-facing duties.

You may find EasyTrak Scheduling helpful to build staff schedules to ensure appropriate coverage which fluctuates with normal demand patterns, and also to carry out advance planning for coverage around special events, as well as to manage staffing levels to meet client service and cost targets.

PrintStaff will normally sign in at a secure EasyTrak Kiosk break-out (such as a handprint reader) when reporting for work, and their arrival and departure time will be tracked and hours totaled for review and approval on-line according to your business rules within EasyTrak.

A pay period will be closed and posted in EasyTrak Time, to automatically generate an electronic payroll file, eliminating any manual data transfer or rekeying.

As a secure web service, all EasyTrak modules are available from anywhere you have Internet access, requiring only a regular web browser with no plugins or add-ons.

EPM360 Training Delivery provides a framework to manage web-based training delivery and progress tracking for all your staff.

  • Whether it is orientation for your internal policies and procedures or WHMIS training, you can be confident that the training modules are available in mobile-friendly format for your employees to work through, and demonstrate completion and understanding through automatically administered tests.
  • Built-in reports track who is due, and who has successfully completed each training module.

EPM360 Performance provides an exceptionally convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews, starting from a huge library of existing content rather than a blank review form! In this way you can be confident that review cycles and well-targeted training needs for your staff are always well in hand.