Operations Manager

As Operations Manager or Manufacturing Supervisor you may have staff in many different positions reporting in to you. This may include shop floor and trades people, designers and engineers, shop supervisors and maybe field installers as well.

Pure web-based EasyTrakSM and EPM360SM modules from SSi can help you manage this diverse workforce effectively.

There are EasyTrak Scheduling modules to help schedule and track employee time, while EasyTrak Time is the core engine that ensures hours are accurately totaled, approved and reported – both for payroll processing, and for tracking job costs and productivity where needed. For shop floor employees many different EasyTrak Kiosk break-out models are available, depending on requirements to help with signing into one or more jobs, and tracking time and activities for cost analysis.

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waiting by cricava

For designers and engineers, EasyTrak DeskClient or Web Timesheet can be effective, while for mobile and field staff, EasyTrak Mobile can help to track and accurately report jobs and activities on the go!

These EasyTrak modules work together to deliver a comprehensive and near-real-time view of all current activity related to each job for all employees irrespective of their location or type of duties. Here are one or two highlights:

  • In addition to simple, secure sign in/sign out functionality, many EasyTrak Kiosks support advanced features like multiple concurrent job tracking for each employee (one employee operating multiple machines) and team sign in / sign out (multiple employees working on one crew or job). Such features can deliver an outstanding and fully automated “front-end” to your manufacturing system.
  • DeskClient runs on each designer or engineer’s local workstation (Mac, Windows, Linux versions available), and helps to quickly and easily indicate the current job. Works whether connected to the Internet or while offline in a meeting or traveling.
  • As manager you can always see at a glance who in your division is working on which job. When a job is closed, no-one can charge more time, to ensure accurate billing control.

EPM360 Training Delivery provides a framework to manage web-based training delivery and progress tracking.

  • Whether it is WHMIS training or forklift refresher certification, you can be confident that the training modules are available in mobile-friendly format for your employees to work through, and complete testing.
  • Built-in reports track who is due, and who has completed training.

EPM360 Performance provides an exceptionally convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews, starting from a huge library of existing content rather than a blank review form! In this way you can be confident that review cycles and training needs for your staff are always well in hand.