Project Manager in Professional Services

Explanation As a Project Manager your main concern may often be to ensure that the projects for which you are responsible come in on time, and on budget, with accurate records to track billable hours for the client, while ensuring that your staff are properly trained, and appropriately reviewed on a regular basis.

EasyTrak DeskClient and EasyTrak Web Timesheet are two options which can help to make it easy for your consultants to track their time, and where necessary ensure that time is charged back to the correct project. They can be used side by side as appropriate.

Generally, EasyTrak DeskClient is good for situations where tracking and reporting in near real time is desired, whereas EasyTrak Web Timesheet is more appropriate for situations where staff might otherwise complete a “weekly timesheet”. Here are one or two highlights:

  • DeskClient runs on each consultant or engineer’s local workstation (Mac, Windows, Linux versions available), and helps each consultant to quickly and easily indicate the current project. Works whether connected to the Internet or while offline in a meeting or traveling. As manager you can see at a glance who in your department is working on what.
  • Prevents consultants charging time to closed projects, for accurate billing control.
  • Web Timesheet provides an easy-to-use pure web-based format for consultants to enter their hours day by day, while tracking attendance and accrued sick days, vacation, etc.
  • Web Timesheet helps users to request one or more absence days, which appear for approval in your EasyTrak dashboard as manager.

EPM360 Performance and EPM360 Training Delivery provide a framework to manage web-based training delivery and progress tracking.

These modules work together to deliver an exceptionally convenient framework to prepare and deliver performance reviews, starting from a huge library of existing content rather than a blank review form! New managers have told us they especially appreciate the clear guidance and carefully thought out language for almost every situation that EPM360 provides to support you and your staff development.

In this way you can be confident that review cycles and training needs for your staff are always well in hand.