Goals Management and Tracking

ladder by barunpatro

ladder by barunpatro

The EPM Goals Management Module makes it easy to manage, update and report on goals, each tied to specific performance metrics.

For the employee, the goal’s management module makes it easy to log in and either add new goals, or update existing ones. Content is easily and securely accessed from anywhere the user has access to a web browser. Reports comparing actual with expected progress can be viewed on screen or printed for reference.

Proposed new goals are drafted on line, and then submitted within EPM360 to the employee’s manager. Once each goal has been approved, the basic descriptive information e.g. title, short description, and target delivery date becomes read-only. This provides an easy point of reference for both employee and manager to discuss actual and expected progress, and to take corrective action when necessary.

The employee can request reminders at a regular user-defined interval; these are received as email or text messages. This makes it easy to keep critical goals front and centre in spite of persistent distractions.

For the manager, the Goals Management Module makes it easy to track large numbers of goals for many employees related to specific performance areas, all in a uniform format. At a high level, the manager can view roll up analysis of actual and expected progress for a whole reporting group on one screen. Colour-coded drill-down analysis helps to spot areas where more help for an employee may be needed.

Off-the-shelf reports provide a checklist of recently updated goals to save time by ensuring the focus is on new information.

The EPM Goals Management Module integrates with other EPM360 modules from SkillSense, of course, including Review Writer, Performance Management, and EasyTrak attendance and time sheet tracking.