On-premises Deployment

In situations where the convenience of secure EasyTrak / EPM360 Service is needed but a requirement exists to keep all data in-house, the EPM360 / EasyTrak Appliance can be an effective approach.

Compared to Service delivered from existing SSi production data-centre servers, an EPM360 / EasyTrak Appliance can offer the best of both worlds – the convenience and accessibility of a service-oriented solution, with the security and privacy of locally installed software.

Depending on your current IT infrastructure and requirements, various deployment configurations are possible, including:

  • Virtual EasyTrak / EPM360 Appliance
  • EasyTrak / EPM360 Appliance on new hardware

Virtual EasyTrak / EPM360 Appliance

The SSi application software stack is installed as a virtual machine on an existing physical server, which has been configured to host virtual machines. There is considerable flexibility on the physical host server hardware and operating system. Once set up, the EasyTrak / EPM360 Appliance appears just like any other physical server on your network.

EasyTrak / EPM360 Appliance

SSi sources hardware that complies to your IT standards, and is sized according to SSi operating experience recommendations. We install, test and configure a turnkey EasyTrak / EPM360 installation, pre- populated with all of your corporate data, ready for ‘plug and play’ integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

In all cases your IT staff are fully trained in the maintenance and operation of the Appliance, and with full remote management capabilities ‘out of the box’, SSi is always by your side when needed. SSi technicians normally deploy all software updates remotely.