Products and Services Overview

Employee-facing products and services from SSi deliver best-in-breed solutions, module by module. Each component is designed to quickly and seamlessly plug into a well-engineered solution that delivers precisely the functionality you need.

EasyTrakSM delivers a broad range of functionality related to employee scheduling, time and activity capture, as well as project and task management.

EPM360SM provides a solid foundation for employee performance and training management, and helps to develop individual training and performance plans, and also helps to manage goals, job descriptions, and performance gap analysis for both individuals and teams.

For larger organizations, with more complex performance optimization needs, EPM360 PISM delivers sophisticated performance analysis, mentoring, coaching and talent optimisation.


For hourly employees, an EasyTrak Kiosk unit provides simple, reliable time and attendance capture, as well as basic job tracking, with real time reports and charge code updates. Barcode or RFID reader technology can enhance the basic touch screen input for both speed and quantity of data gathered allowing more sophisticated data capture and operational reporting. Biometric authentication is also widely used with EasyTrak Kiosks.

For engineering, project and field staff who must charge back their time, EasyTrak DeskClient and EasyTrak Mobile provide a simple, non-intrusive interface either: at the desktop, or on the road, to track or edit and report on hours by project. ‘Over-under’ reporting reveals problem projects at a glance.


EPM360 Review Writer, with access to a vast library of off-the-shelf performance descriptors for different industries, makes writing clear effective performance reviews quick and painless, and guides new managers through your process step-by-step.


e-HR is used for basic employee information management, with self-service access where appropriate. Like all our products, it is tightly integrated with the SSi platform.

Expand is the foundation of SSi solutions, and provides fine-grained security, language translation, external integration, messaging, workflow and other process management tasks.