Staff Accruals and Entitlements

calculator_editAlmost all organizations have policies and procedures which determine employee entitlement to items such as Vacation and Sick Days, and may also track accrued extra time for payout or for calculating “earned lieu time off”. If you track these types of entitlements in spreadsheets or on paper you already know how time consuming and hard it is to keep the data current, accurate, and well documented for effective dispute resolution.

How EasyTrak Accruals work

How EasyTrak Accruals work
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If such record-keeping and updating is a chore for you today, EasyTrak may be able to help. The EasyTrak Accruals module tracks an essentially unlimited number of different accruals, and each accrual may count for one or more individual employees, crews, or employee classes. Accruals may trigger events at predefined thresholds or milestones (by date, by hours worked, by seniority, by hire date, etc.) and in this way your accruals tracking can become fully automated.

Self-service screens are available to help each employee review their own current accrual balances.