Staff Schedules

Does building and updating Staff Schedules take more time than you would like?

If your staff schedules are in a spreadsheet, or on paper today, you know that it can be a complicated and time-consuming task, which requires balancing coverage with regulatory and contractual compliance. The more time consumed by manual scheduling, the less time is available to invest in more valuable tasks – working with clients and staff. EasyTrak Scheduling service can often help by automating the initial schedule set up, and making it easy for Department Supervisors to manage exceptions. The switch from paper to electronic scheduling does require effort and commitment, but if you are committed to improvement the reward can be a considerable time saving!

  • Free up Supervisor time for value-add duties and streamline your scheduling workflow
  • Reduce unplanned overtime
  • Automatically track attendance for management reporting and disciplinary / corrective action
  • Reduce employee turnover by providing clear, flexible yet fair rules-based schedules
  • Prepare schedules your employees prefer – track and apply work time preferences to schedules
  • Review and approve paperless time off requests – the schedule is automatically updated
  • No software installation required, get started quickly!

Do you need to track and report on late arrivals and absences?

If you use paper sign-in sheets today, extracting staff attendance information from those sheets can be a time-consuming chore! EasyTrak attendance reports often save considerable time and improve quality when electronic staff sign-in is combined with EasyTrak Scheduling Service.

Do Supervisors find the Call – In process hard to follow?

If your call-in rules require contacting staff in a specific order (e.g. seniority, shifts already worked, etc.) it can be difficult and error prone for Department Supervisors to follow the correct contact order, and to consistently document the results for possible dispute resolution. Supervisors have found that EasyTrak Scheduling helps by guiding them through a rules-compliant Call-In process, on screen in real time to find a replacement. The outcome is automatically documented for future audit and dispute resolution.

Is staff overload and stress a concern?

You know how important it is to build confidence in a fair and equitable scheduling process that balances the needs of all your staff. By making all facts easily available, EasyTrak Scheduling can often help Supervisors respond to requests more flexibly while complying with policies.