EasyTrak Staff Scheduling

informationRead our blog posts about how to schedule staff here

calendar_edit If you build and manage employee schedules with a spreadsheet or on paper today, you know that it can be a paper-intensive and time-consuming task, which means balancing operational coverage with regulatory and contractual compliance, while communicating outcomes to the right employees in a timely fashion. EasyTrak Scheduling manages these tasks for you.

Staff Scheduler screen shot

  • Automatically builds your working schedule week by week, applying your rules
  • Alerts you when an employee ‘no-shows’ or is booked absent, and offers a prioritized list of call-in replacements with phone #
  • Text Messages employees or alerts them when they access the EasyTrak Kiosk or web Message Centre – no email address needed
  • Keeps an audit trail of every call-in contact with auto-generated draft notes, and a record of shifts offered, accepted and declined
  • Colour-codes shifts on screen to make schedule patterns easy to follow

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