Strategic Benefits

In this note we focus on the Strategic Operational Benefits that come from an EasyTrak solution in a manufacturing facility.

Within a week or two of starting to work with an EasyTrak solution, new information and analysis starts to become available, that can be of immediate value to Operational Management for decision-making.

That information value comes in three ways:

  • On-time – because an EasyTrak solution is ‘always on’ and tracking and analyzing data, a glance at your own customized web dashboard can display a summary of what you need to know about current operations – who’s working on what, recent business rule exceptions, accumulated time on different jobs, etc.
  • High quality – automated data-capture does not make “typo’s”, and does not get distracted by many details. It operates 24/7 – 365 like you do. EasyTrak monitors for new inputs every minute or two, validates the input according to business rules, and consistently presents an up-to-the-minute analysis which high-lights out-of-range conditions. The most important exceptions can be “text’ed” to your mobile device.
  • Large capacity – an EasyTrak solution has the capacity to monitor and analyze far more information than can be processed manually. Many firms work with thousands of parts and job accounts – this amount of data gathering is ‘no-problem’ for EasyTrak. You can also consider working with granular data that simply is not practical otherwise – e.g. time costs by activity, attendance by day-of-week, etc.
  • How does that help my bottom line? Read on…

    Get a better handle on your job costs – see where and when excess cost creeps in to process steps. Select and work on your key targets for continuous improvement. Update your job costing from the very latest information and respond effectively to rapidly changing market conditions to ensure all projects are profitable. Improved per-job profitability contributes directly to the bottom line.

    Make better-informed Operational Management decisions – You can see at a glance key metrics such as earned progress by project, accumulated hours and impending overtime. Use this analysis to improve the scheduling of crew and employee time to different projects. This can drive improved productivity and plant capacity utilization. Improved plant capacity utilization can contribute dramatically to total ROI.
    We all know that automation can help the firm to do less total work per job, but the fact is that running the firm with better information from an EasyTrak solution as described here can lead to structural productivity improvements.

    Structural Contributions to the Bottom Line


    • Per-job profitability
    • Plant capacity utilization