EasyTrak Time

time If you use paper time cards, or sign-in sheets for your payroll today, you will likely have about one full-time person per 200 employees just to keep up. If you need to build schedules as well, and track time per job using job sheets, you will need to hire a second and even a third person. And that’s just to gather the data, without any business analysis.

EasyTrak Time automates these tasks for you: from gross hours tracking for payroll to multi-union business rules; from attendance analysis to near real time job and activity tracking for job cost reporting.

  • Reports total Regular, Overtime (OT1-4), Stat and Vacation hours with automatic Break deduction and paid / unpaid Grace rules
  • Delivers web dashboard or text message alerts for exceptions, absences and recent events
  • Supports unlimited custom Absence Codes, Shifts, Breaks, Crews and Stat entitlements
  • Manages unlimited hourly Rate Codes, and 18 generations of rate history
  • Helps each Supervisor quickly review and approve only their own team’s records

Advanced features..

people EasyTrak Time also supports Team transactions and multiple concurrent Jobs. These powerful capabilities mean that time costs can be allocated two ways – across all employees in a team, and across all jobs that the Team was working on, delivering on your most advanced workflow needs.

wand The easy-to-use Export Workflow Assistant helps you design your own named, secure, one-click data exports that can be embedded into external applications, making interfacing a snap. And the EasyTrak DataClient can query external applications (where necessary like a “screen robot”) and import data such as Job Codes, and new employees into EasyTrak automatically in the background.